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50 for 50 Day 2: Epic Change

May 19, 2011

Thanks for stopping by my 50th Birthday Celebration, Day 2. Because I have everything I need, I am asking people to donate to charities, if they are so inspired, in honor of my birthday. I will feature a different charity each day for 50 days to give you plenty of chances to get involved.

You don’t have to act every day, of course, or at all. But I wanted to give a voice to different good works around the globe. If you ARE inspired to take action, please leave me a comment and let me know that you did. This is all I want for my birthday – to spread some love and kindness. It is all about exploring different ways to give and opening to possibilities. Thanks for your love and support as I go through this project.

Epic Change is an organization that uses the power of storytelling to make positive change in the world. They say “Epic Change believes that people’s stories are assets that can be used as resources to improve their lives. We help people in need share their “epic” true stories in innovative, creative and profitable ways to help them acquire the financial resources they need to create positive “change” in their communities.”

Their first project is a school in Tanzania: Children at the school in Tanzania
From the Epic Change website:

Our proof-of-concept project seeks to rebuild and expand Shepherds Junior, a small primary school in Arusha, Tanzania at which Monk and Patel volunteered in during their 2007 trip to Africa.
Mama Lucy Kamptoni, a savvy and passionate local woman, founded the school in 2003 on land she rented land next door to her home using the income from her poultry business. The school nearly closed in 2007 when a developer bought the rented land, and Kamptoni had no access to the capital required to relocate.

The school is entirely English medium, but includes courses in Swahili, the country’s primary language, and has clubs that celebrate the vibrant culture and history of Tanzania. In addition, the school focuses lessons on local social and cultural issues, including poverty, HIV/AIDS, gender equality, child labor, and more.
Thanks for any and all donations to this great cause. Donate here. Or get your kids involved by making art, videos, or fundraising.

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