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50 for 50 Day 28: Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund

June 14, 2011

Thanks for stopping by my 50th Birthday Celebration, Day 28.

Again, here’s my story and I’m sticking with it: because I feel so blessed and have pretty much everything I could ever need, I am asking people to get involved with charities, if they are so inspired, in lieu of any fabulous birthday presents you were planning on sending me (or not).

I am featuring a different charity every day for 50 days leading up to my 50th birthday to give you plenty of chances to get involved. I started on May 18. I wanted to give a voice to different good works around the globe. If you ARE inspired to take action, please leave me a comment and let me know that you did. This is all I want for my birthday – to spread some love and kindness. Thank you, my dear friends.

Today’s organization is the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund. I know it probably seems funny for a lefty-liberal anti-war loon like me to keep featuring groups that benefit soldiers and their families. There are a lot of anti-war people who are or have been in the military, too – in fact, probably more than in the general population.

But no matter what my feelings are about war, I feel very strongly that people who put their lives on the line for the benefit of the general public, no matter whether they are police, firefighters, military – they deserve special status. We owe them a great debt.

Video by: AJ Messer/Frederick News Published Date: 11/11/10

From their website:
The Semper Fi Fund (SFF) provides relief for financial needs that arise during hospitalization and recovery as well as assistance for those with perpetuating needs. Our program provides support in a variety of ways including: Service Member and Family Support, Specialized & Adaptive Equipment, Adaptive Housing, Adaptive Transportation, Education and Career Transition Assistance, Therapeutic Arts and Team Semper Fi.

Our streamlined structure keeps overhead very low – at 5% – because we realize every dollar saved can be put to better use elsewhere. The American Institute of Philanthropy has given us an “A+” rating and Charity Navigator has given us their “Four Star” rating, the highest rating for each organization.

This is their donation page. You can also become part of their Community Semper Fi Team by competing in athletic events and raising money that way.

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