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50 for 50 Day 31: Arghand

June 17, 2011

Polishing soaps. Photo from

Thanks for stopping by my 50th Birthday Celebration, Day 31. Thirty-wonderful organizations featured!

Again, here’s my story: because I feel so blessed and have pretty much everything I could ever need, I am asking people to get involved with charities, if they are so inspired, in lieu of any fabulous birthday presents you were planning on sending me (or not).

I am featuring a different charity every day for 50 days leading up to my 50th birthday to give you plenty of chances to get involved. I started on May 18. I wanted to give a voice to different good works around the globe. If you ARE inspired to take action, please leave me a comment and let me know that you did. This is all I want for my birthday – to spread some love and kindness. Thank you, my dear friends.

I’m not usually a proponent of the “Shopping to make a donation” idea, but Arghand is pretty dang awesome. It was founded by former NPR correspondent Sarah Chayes with the specific idea of using local materials to create products that could be sold to support Afghan women artisans.

From their website:
In addition to creating the highest quality skincare, Arghand’s goal is to create a viable economic alternative to opium production, the major industry in Afghanistan. Our profits go back into the Arghand Cooperative to support and sustain the men and women who work for equal pay and participate equally in all aspects of production and management regardless of gender, ethnicity or tribal affiliation.

Shop here. You can also inquire about donations.

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