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Decorating with Suebob – Help me!

July 12, 2012

Thank you to Kleenex Hand Towels for sponsoring this post about how I’m making my mom’s bathroom guest-ready! To learn more about Kleenex Hand Towels or to find out how you can save money when you buy your own, check out this site.

The guest bathroom at my mom’s house is pretty plain. It used to be my dad’s bathroom. He passed away 2 years ago and ever since, it has been devoid of everything but hand soap and toilet paper.
Original bathroom
When I heard about the opportunity to write a bathroom blog post for Kleenex Hand Towels, I knew what I had to do. I wanted to spruce up the bathroom without doing anything that would involve:

  • Paint
  • Power tools
  • New carpet

I’m not much of a decorator. I didn’t grow up in a family where we would go out get all new stuff at once. We’d usually get by with things we purchase as we need them, so they’re funky and mismatched. Come over to my house. You’ll see.

But I decided to forge ahead, despite my lack of skills at this sort of thing. Hell, I’m only 51 years old. I can learn new stuff! I went out and shopped at Target and got:

      • 2 each green bath towels, hand towels and washcloths, on sale for $26 total.
      • A blue, green and tan striped bath rug, $12.34, which I didn’t end up using because it clashed with the existing carpet. It works fine at my house, where multicolor is the theme of the day. Instead, I used a $20 memory foam bathmat I had bought for the dog to sleep on while I was laundering her other memory foam bathmat. She’ll just have to find somewhere else to sleep for a couple hours.
      • New cabinet knobs $11 for 4. I used 2 but will find another use for the other 2

I'm sick of this stupid post

      • A trash can, which went with the rug I didn’t use but not with everything else, but it was only $3 and I can use it at my house. So then I bought a cute quilted-looking metal trash can for $20. I rock at this. I’m decorating two houses at once.
      • A basket  – $7 – for the Kleenex Hand Towels, which are single use guest towels so your friends don’t have to decide whether to actually use those cute little lace-edged guest towels you put out

keleena baakdfldsf

    • A set of 4 silver frames for $6 total. I ordered prints of some of my flower photos online from Target for 19 cents each. I also chopped up some other flower photos and put them in photo cubes I got from the thrift store for 95 cents. I’m decorating here, people! A total of about $10 in prints because I made lots I ended up not using. So let’s say $5. (I used flower photos because I thought it would be rude to put photos of people in the bathroom. I don’t know why, it just seems disrespectful to stick my loved ones in the bathroom. Is that weird?)

Photo cube

  • A fake candle for $10. It’s made of scented wax, but it has a flickering tea light inside so you don’t burn the house down. Good idea.
  • A canister thingy with three sections for cotton balls, cotton swabs and something else I’ll think of later. $6
  • I also stopped at the hardware store and got a new metal switchplate and outlet cover to replace the dingy old plastic ones. About $12 total. (Update: but then I had to return them because I swear to God, Mom’s incompetent painters PAINTED the switchplate and outlet cover to the wall in such a fashion I could not remove them without taking chunks of paint off. Who DOES that? I hate people.)
So we’re up around $140. I know it is still kind of plain, but I don’t want to put too much stuff in there to dust, because mom can’t fit her wheelchair in there or reach shelves, and her helpers have enough to do already.
I still want to replace the old light fixture and find a picture for the wall to replace this one:

duck pic

Sorry you had to turn your head sideways. That’s thanks to Yahoo killing off the Picnik photo editor in Flickr, and replacing it with Aviary, which SAID it was rotating the photo, but then just didn’t. I hate Yahoo.

I also could replace the banged-up old metal towel bars and toilet paper holder, but I’m pretty sure that would involve power tools. This may require some consultation with someone who actually knows something. I priced them at the hardware, though, and I think I could do the whole thing for under $100, so we’d have a total investment of under $250 to make the guest bathroom look decentish.

Finished bathroom

Oh, wait, there’s more! I did crafts! Very simple, easy crafts, but I found this idea on one of The PaperMama’s pinterest boards.
You take a cute jar (I got 4 of these little flat Mason jars at Target for $4), punch holes in the lids with a nail and a hammer (I made a little heart pattern – CUUUUUTE or what?) and fill them part way with baking soda that you have mixed with a few drops of essential oil.

Room smelly jar

I used a combo of lavender, tangerine and mint, which sounds horrible but which is actually very nice. Instant room-freshener smelly thing that doesn’t involve sprays, plug-ins or toxic chemicals.
Are you impressed? I DID CRAFTS. Someone get me a gold star. And a beer.

craft jar

So that’s my bathroom refresh. Simple, but for me it’s something I don’t normally do because I never pay that much attention to my surroundings. I’m glad this blog post prompted me to make mom’s guest bathroom a little more inviting. I had fun.

Edited to add: The first person to use the guest bath was my sis, who said “Where do you GET those Kleenex Hand Towels?” She wanted to buy some for a gift for her family member who has such dainty, beautiful hand towels that no one ever dares use them. She says her whole family is sick of wiping their wet hands on their pants. Hilarious and perfect.

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I was selected for participation in this campaign as a member of Clever Girls Collective.

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  1. July 14, 2012 02:52

    Nice Suebob. Xo.

  2. kizzbeth permalink
    July 14, 2012 08:38

    You’re fancy.

    Aslo, my bathroom is where I keep people’s wedding photos and coupley photos. I never thought of it as disrespectful, just kind of funny. The shelf in my bathroom is the closest thing I have to a mantle.

  3. Elvie permalink
    July 14, 2012 09:53

    Looks very nice. Glad you did it. I’m sure Mom appreciated it. Makes it so much more comfortable, if that is possible for a bathroom. I like the idea of flower pictures.

  4. Juanita permalink
    July 14, 2012 10:09

    It looks lovely! Great crafty idea – I think I’ll give those air fresheners a try. 🙂

  5. July 14, 2012 13:35

    I’m sure your mom loves the upgrades. It looks great. I also would never put people photos in a bathroom – such an odd concept.

  6. July 16, 2012 17:21

    I always say I’m going to do something like this when summer comes…and then I don’t. I need to paint my bathroom.

    • August 1, 2012 20:40

      I hate painting. And all other home repairs. I guess that’s why I’m a renter.

  7. Carole permalink
    July 28, 2012 19:27

    Dear Suebob,

    I thought I loved you after reading some of your comments on Jenny’s blog, but now I know. I love you. Please always be here to bring a smile to my nicotine-starved face.


    PS: My stepmom has a cross-stitched piece that asks “How long is a minute? Depends on which side of the door you’re on.” I believe that would perfectly replace the sideways duck. Just a suggestion. Call me!

    • August 1, 2012 20:35

      Aw, thank you Carole! So nice to have a new, friendly commenter.

      The irony about the duck pic is now she has it sitting in the dining room, which is kinda…odd.

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