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Toyota Exit the Highway

July 26, 2012

Someone asked me if I wasn’t going to get in trouble with Toyota for writing a review of the Prius v that suggested it wasn’t the car for me.

The cool thing about working with Toyota is that they want my honest opinion, not some gushing PR piece. So I gave my opinion, which was largely positive – it’s a great little car, just not the car for me.

I’m so excited about this thing they have going on this summer, because I love our National and State Parks and the great outdoors in general. (Unlike my old co-worker, Leslie, who one day proclaimed “I hate nature!”). They have a way you can get outdoors, take a road trip, and enter to win a brand new Prius v!

I’ve loved this sort of thing my whole life –

Here’s a picture of me enjoying Sequoia National Park (or was it King’s Canyon?) while still in a big baggy diaper, my mom wrangling me:
Camping in the redwoods

And more recently, at Yosemite with my BFF CC, and my double chins (less now!)
2 lunatics hiking

And my best hiking partner:
Two hikers and Goldie on Arroyo Verde Path

SO ANYWAY, here’s what Toyota has to say:

TogetherGreen, an initiative of Toyota and the National Audubon Society, invites you to Exit the Highway and discover natural wonders and the efforts that protect them for a chance to win a new Toyota Prius v.

Take the pledge to Exit the Highway and discover natural wonders right in your own backyard.

Take the scenic route by downloading and sharing one of our Exit the Highway itineraries that have all the information you need to explore your local natural wonders, while learning about local conservation efforts from TogetherGreen—a diverse, passionate group of environmental leaders committed to preserving your area’s habitats and wildlife.

Share your experiences from the nature sites you visit when you Exit the Highway in one of two ways. You can upload photos directly to this website through your profile page. Or if you register your social media accounts before you hit the road, you can post photos from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram while you’re on the go. Just be sure to include #exitthehighway in each post. The road less traveled is more fun when shared!

You will get a chance to win a new Toyota Prius v with your initial pledge and every photo you share. Each photo submission of a nature visit gives you an additional entry for a chance to win a new Toyota Prius v…

Pretty cool. Enjoy the outdoors, maybe win a car that is small enough for twisty mountain roads and big enough for a bunch of your camping stuff. Or, if you’re me, a bunch of luggage and shoes.

Disclosure: I am a member of the Toyota Women Influencers Network TWIN community through a program with Clever Girls Collective. I did not receive any compensation for writing this post or payment in exchange for participating. The opinions expressed herein are mine, and do not reflect the views of Toyota or any of its brands.

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