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Almost Wordless Wednesday: Summer Edition

August 1, 2012

Sun sparkles from Ventura Pier, looking toward fairground

The Ferris Wheel goes up at the fairground by the beach


Mythbusters films for Shark Week in Ventura



English Premier League Soccer comes to the county as Swansea City faces our local team

I take the field at the Rose Bowl, 7/20/2012

LA Street Food Festival was at the Rose Bowl and I couldn’t resist going on the field for this shot

Kelly LC Russell doing the eating pose, indulging me.

Kelly indulged me by doing the “shoving food in mouth” pose. Sorry, Kelly.

  1. August 1, 2012 17:59

    You’re looking quite svelte these days, Ms. Davis.

  2. August 1, 2012 23:15

    Hi Sue, I’m only about 2 hours from you, but we’re headed your way for a beach vacation in a few weeks! (Staying near Channel Islands Harbor). I haven’t been on Twitter in possibly months, but I seem to recall you recommending a shop with gourmet olive oils once…was that you? We want to check out the Ventura pier. Day trip to Ojai. I don’t want to bother you for a travelogue, but would love to hear from a local on a few things we just shouldn’t miss, if you wanted to share. (And you do look amazing!) Thanks.

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