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Fab Etsy Finds

January 2, 2013

I make a lot of fun of bad crafts over on my making fun of bad crafts blog, Craftastrophe. But I also buy a lot from Etsy sellers and wanted to share some of my favorites.

I love the idea of a Sw1ffer dustmop thing, but the pads they sell with them have scents that seem toxic to me. Fresh Breeze smells like Chemical Factory. This Etsy shop sells crocheted mop pads for just $2.50 each, so you can dampen them with your own natural cleaner and reuse them over and over. Better for you, your family, your checkbook and the environment.

While we’re talking things that don’t stink of chemicals, Roxana Illuminated Perfume makes the most beautiful natural scents I have ever experienced. I ordered a four-pack of samples and three were so lovely that I can’t decide which to buy in a full-size package. I’m tied between spicy Vespertina, mysterious Lyra, and Page 47, which smells like a day at the beach.
Page 47

And surely you need some way to keep those pesky guests out of your master bathroom? Will the fear of being pulled into the toilet tank by a giant octopus help? I have one of these in red and I love it. A bit fiddly to put on, but worth the effort.

Three items. All Suebob tried and approved. No paid endorsements, just love for fine products. Go forth and support your craftspeople!

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