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Lessons Learned

November 7, 2013


I decided to pick a random photo (with my eyes closed!) and write about it.

This is El Capitan State Beach, on the Pacific Coast of California just north of Santa Barbara, California, and close to where I spent the first years of my life in Gaviota.

The fog is typical of summer weather there. Yeah, not exactly Baywatch material, is it? But it was the beach, and it was close to home. One summer, we packed up our little travel trailer and went camping there for a few days.

Being summer, we had a friend with a plum tree and the usual overabundance of plums, so we had a big shopping bag of plums, all ripe and sweet and sticky. So, so, good.

Do you know how many really ripe, sticky, sweet plums a hungry five-year-old can eat?

Too many, that’s how many.

Public service announcement: plums are high in fiber.

So now it is impossible for me to think of El Capitan State Beach without thinking of plums and their surprising aftermath.


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  1. November 7, 2013 16:58

    It’s a beautiful photo, even if the associated memory is a little ….ripe? I had a similar experience at a young age with a giant bowl of lettuce. And the toilet was down a flight of steep stone steps and someone had to carry me. Again and again.

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