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The Howlinating

November 15, 2013

Poor Abbie has been bored with her canned food lately. She doesn’t even eat it. She just loads up on kibble and leaves the $2.59 per can good stuff sitting there stinking up the place.

Today I tried something new. It’s from The Honest Kitchen, this weird greenish powder you mix with warm water to make greenish oatmeal-looking goop.

The good news is that Abs loved it. Hoovered it, then decided, apparently, she wanted more. Between bouts of barking, she was making this weird moaning noise. I had to video it for posterity

That’s my girl.

(Sorry about the vertical format. I always forget.)

  1. November 16, 2013 08:18

    She’s the best. So full of personality. Fabulous spirit guide!

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