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A Few of My Favorite Things

December 8, 2013

Obscene little elf
Nasty little elf molesting a horsie

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I’m not a huge Christmas celebrator, but fortunately there’s enough Christmas to go around. I’m going to share some of my holiday favorites. You can hit me up with yours in the comments section.

Favorite Song
Despite all the sin talk, O Holy Night

I’m also a huge fan of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” videos, especially the British naval versions.

Favorite Fictional Character
Not that creepy Santa. Not any elfy thing at all. I am anti-elf. My apologies to you LOTR types. I like the Grinch. Not him, per se – he’s a bad banana with a rotten peel. But the story is pretty great.

Favorite Present to Get
I’m a control freak who lives in a tiny house. Either get me a gift card, or make a donation in my name.

Favorite Present to Give
Gift cards. Get what you like.

Favorite Tradition
Walking around downtown Oxnard, drinking hot chocolate and looking at the lights (starts about 2:40 in)

Or, if I’m with family, playing cutthroat bingo, an annual tradition (when you get a bingo, you grab a wrapped present. The next person to get a bingo can either take a different present, or steal yours.)

I really miss the Vocal Arts Ensemble Christmas concert in San Luis Obispo. So. Good.

My friend Brian is on the far left with the impressive curly white hair and Reambo is front and center, black hair and tux.

Favorite Food
Tamales. The kind with chiles and cheese. And for dessert, anything with caramel in it. The exMrStapler’s family used to make these divine little handmade caramels, individually wrapped in waxed paper. Yeah, I’m going to miss that.

Favorite Cookies (yes, they are too their own category)
I’d love to say someone’s grandma’s recipe from the old country, but dang, Trader Joe’s Peppermint JoJos are great. But if you’re baking, a real simple shortbread (flour, butter, sugar, salt) is my favorite.

Favorite Drink
My first year without alcohol. I was never a big Christmas drinker, but a nice bottle of Champagne wouldn’t have been unwelcome. This year? Probably some Peppermint Hot Chocolate or Pellegrino and Cranberry juice.

Favorite Lights
We have so many Spanish-style bungalows around here. A string of those old school C9 big colored bulbs on one of those is sheer perfection. The new super-saturated LEDs are pretty cool, too.
Christmas Lights on a Spanish style bungalow

Favorite Reindeer
Blitzen. Blitzen is definitely the coolest reindeer name.

Favorite Thing to do on Christmas Day
Go for a walk on the beach. Isn’t that what everyone does?

Beach chat
Christmas walk, 2011

  1. December 9, 2013 07:33

    Ha! A walk on the beach on Christmas day! Side splitting! OK, I COULD go for a walk on the beach on Christmas Day but it would not look pretty like that.

    • December 9, 2013 10:36

      That year from the photo was nuts. Like 75 degrees. Perfect.

  2. December 9, 2013 09:34

    I would go for a walk on the beach Christmas day, but it is a bit of a drive for me…

    • December 9, 2013 10:37

      I’ve always wanted to visit that Oregon Coast. The beaches there look so dramatic!

  3. December 9, 2013 13:37

    I prefer to think of them as Celtic Ladies.

  4. December 13, 2013 09:24

    We love the holiday lights – drive around with hot chocolate in to-go cups and marvel at them.

  5. December 21, 2013 23:14

    I put my answers on my blog-like object…
    Tried to link you, but it didn’t want to. Oh well. Merry Christmas! Love the cheese/floor conflagration.

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