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Happy New Year

November 1, 2015

In pagan tradition, Samhain, Oct. 31, celebrates the coming of the new year. When I awoke this morning, I felt renewed and truly like another year had started. Happy New Year!

It got cool last night. Not nippy, not cold, just blessedly cool. Cool enough that I put a blanket on my bed, something that had not happened since well before I moved in June. It got up to 86 degrees again today, on Nov. 1, but I will take that if the nights will stay cool so I can just sleep.

And for another, my achilles tendinitis is finally, thanks to modern medicine and physical therapy, beginning to subside. A year of hobbling about seems to be drawing to an end. I even harbor a tiny hope of dancing again.

Pain is sneaky. I was in pain for a long time before I thought to tell my doctor, and stayed in pain because I kept putting off a follow-up visit. I knew I hurt, I knew I was in a bad mood because of it, but somehow it just seemed inevitable. Now that it has begun to leave my body, I wonder why I didn’t do something a year ago, but I’m a dope. Let this be a lesson to you. Don’t put off taking care of yourself.

Happy New Year, everyone. Let it be a good one.


NaBloPoMo November 2015

  1. November 2, 2015 07:43

    I am so grateful that it’s cooling off at night.

    • November 4, 2015 20:49

      Oh, me too. I cannot sleep when it is so hot, and no sleep turns me into even more of an ogre.

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