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November 20, 2015

A friend asked me tonight why I was doing NaBloPoMo.

“So I can remember my own URL?” I asked. Yep, that’s about it.

She also asked if Twitter killed blogging.

Nope, Facebook killed blogging. Damn it, Facebook. If you’re going to kill the thing I love most, can’t you at least let me see all the recent posts, in order, without reverting back to “Most popular”? Can’t you??

I saw Gustavo Arrellano tonight at the Museum of Ventura County, which made it a totally legit cultural evening. Not only is he the editor-in-chief of the OC Weekly, he’s the genius behind Taco USA, the book that allows you to smugly tell people “Yes, that is TOO authentic Mexican food!” Now he has a new show on Fox, Bordertown. I saw the pilot episode. I may be a little old for the demographic, but it was worth going out just to see Gustavo draw parallels between Vicente Fernandez and Morrisey. Yes, he did.

It made sense at the time.


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