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1 More Reason You Don’t Want to Be My Neighbor

July 20, 2017

Warning: a post about poop.

By way of explanation.

I never go out into the back yard. It is a narrow strip of dirt and concrete behind my house, maybe 10 feet wide, 40 feet long.

First of all, the dog pees and poops there, so ew. Thankfully she confines her poops to a small area over on the north side, so I can quickly locate and dispose of her waste.

Second, it is either in the direct sun or deep shade, and I have a nice porch with a semi-translucent roof upstairs on the north side, where I can sit and enjoy the fresh air, so who needs the back yard?

Third, the back yard is lower than the adjacent parking lot, so if I were to sit out there, I’d have the uncomfortable feeling of being gazed down upon by all the random car-parkers.

And lastly, the pot-smoking neighbor is out in his back yard ALL the time, emitting vast clouds of really stanky pot smoke many times a day. I’m not sure how high you need to be, but this guy is higher than that.

All this by the way of excusing myself. Because.

Ok, I’m going to tell you.

I had been dutifully cleaning up the dog turds in Abbie’s spot to the north and ignoring the back yard. The other day I looked out the back door on the south and…horror.

Abbie had switched spots. There were piles upon piles of nasty dried leavings. If anyone had looked down there, they would have thought “Wow, a really nasty person lives here.”

And I suppose one does.

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  1. July 21, 2017 06:58

    Oops! Oh well. Thanks (?) for sharing.

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