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Try Again Next Year

November 3, 2017

No, this post isn’t about the Dodgers (snicker). (I’m sorry, I’m just not a sportsballfan).

This post is about how it is only the 3rd day of November and I have already managed to screw up NaBloPoMo.

Ah, no matter. It just saves me from disappointing myself later in the month.

I think I completed NaBloPoMo. Once.

You know what’s amazing? Lisa Rae Page Rosenberg of Smacksy has posted every day since 2009. That’s NaBloPoWhoa, am I right?

In other truly exciting news, I went and got ramen tonight for the first time in forever. My favorite Japanese NOT SUSHI restaurant (they are pretty emphatic about this – their uniform shirts say NO SUSHI on them) Gotetsu has ramen weekend once a month, and they actually have vegetarian ramen, which is as rare as a sunny day in June in Ventura (trust me on this one – it’s not sunny).

I got my bowl of ramen and had to kind of laugh. It was topped with a hard boiled egg and a shiitake mushroom. Both are in my pantheon of most hated foods. I’d rather have a piece of pork than a hard-cooked egg.

But I shoved that stuff aside and slurped my ramen like a pro. Even something as gross as a hard-cooked egg can’t keep a girl from her noodles. Fukai ajiwai desu ne.


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  1. byjane permalink
    November 4, 2017 10:59

    If only I had known NaBloPoMo was still a thing, I would have signed on in a New York minute.

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