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Somewhat Thankful

November 23, 2017

I decided to skip a Thanksgiving celebration with my kind friend Patti and go to Mom’s instead. I figured I would not be much fun, and this plan had the added benefit of giving mom’s helper the afternoon off to have Thanksgiving with her family – a well-deserved treat.

Since she got sicker, Mom has been getting her meals on a tray. Today she decided she wanted something different.

“There is macaroni and cheese in the freezer. Can you make it for me?”

Microwave mac n cheese for Thanksgiving dinner for my mom? Sure, I can do that. It’s not like we had other plans.

Six minutes later, I handed her a bowl of Stouffer’s finest.

“Needs salt,” she declared. Despite having a bad heart, she does not have high blood pressure, so I got her the shaker.

A few minutes later she said “I think some cinnamon would be good on this.”

“Excuse me?” I said.

“There is cinnamon in the second drawer. I used to take it to put in my coffee and the other ladies thought I was crazy.”

“Well, cinnamon in coffee is one thing. On mac n cheese is a whole nother concept.”

Then I though, Dammit, the woman is 91 years old. Her heart is failing. She’s pretty much blind. If she wants some cinnamon on her mac n cheese, cinnamon she shall have.

I sprinkled it on for her and told her to stir it up.

She took a few bites.

“You know, cinnamon on this is a pretty bad idea.”

Happy Thanksgiving, all. I hope you got to see loved ones, and I hope your side dishes were cinnamon-free.




  1. November 24, 2017 03:39

    I love that. 91 years old and still willing to experiment to see what flavor combos work, and don’t work. Lady after my own stomach 🙂

    • November 24, 2017 07:34

      My mom has always had an…odd sense of what works well together. She invented peanut butter, sweet pickle and bacon sandwiches.

      • November 24, 2017 07:38

        SHE’S the one who invented that?! My shrine is being erected right now….

        • November 24, 2017 08:03

          Other people eat that? Maybe she didn’t invent it. I thought we were unique. Ok, how about this one – maple syrup on crushed up saltines as dessert.

          • November 24, 2017 08:16

            Lol…no, that was a joke. Your mom is not only the progenitor, but probably its only fan. Kudos to her!

            You know, I could absolutely see the maple/saltine combo. Think how many salty/sweet treats are out there already, from chocolate covered pretzels to the current faddish dessert that has you lay down a layer of Saltines on a baking sheet, covering them with Nutella or chocolate spread, and cooked to make a faux “torte”. So again, kudos to your mom for being ahead of the curve!


  2. November 24, 2017 07:18

    Loved it!

    • November 24, 2017 07:34

      Thank you. It is an interesting and difficult time. I’m glad I get to be here.

  3. November 24, 2017 08:10

    Hello, love your posts wondering if you can check some of my posts and consider following me like I have with you!😊

  4. elvie permalink
    November 24, 2017 13:42

    saltines and syrup is a favorite indulgence of mine. Glad Mom invented it.

  5. November 28, 2017 08:39

    Cinnamon goes well on all sorts of things and even I would consider putting on something with cheese but… I am not surprised that she changed her mind when it happened! 🙂

    • November 28, 2017 10:43

      A friend pointed out that I should have sprinkled it on one bite rather than ruining the whole dish…I am not so bright at times.

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