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Keeping Watch

April 25, 2018

As I walked the dog around the high school area tonight, choir practice was getting out. It was about 9 pm.

After almost everyone was gone, one girl remained. She stood near the lit-up statue in front of the school.

She had long, straight hair and artsy glasses with chunky sienna-colored frames. She held her phone in her hand. I could tell from the way her shoulders were hunched that she wasn’t happy waiting by herself.

I let Abbie mosey around the lawn on her long leash. We made one lap. Two. We went over and sat on a bench for a bit. We moseyed some more.

I didn’t say anything to her.

I saw a car pull up and her shoulders dropped. She ran to the car.

Abbie and I began to walk away and the girl’s dad drove her off.

She doesn’t know me and I don’t know her, and I don’t think I ever will. I just want parents to know that some people are watching your kids and they’re not all bad people. Some of us are looking out.

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