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June 3, 2018

The dog and I love this weedy field a couple blocks away. She loves it because it is a large space for her to run around and explore. I love it because it is fenced all the way around except for one gap, and because the dog gets to run around and get tired.

She was running and I was checking my phone and standing at the gap in the fence. I glanced up and she was eating something. In a weedy field? I don’t want to know. Probably either something gross, something dangerous, or both.

I tossed a rock in her direction. She was about 100 feet away, and I thought it would startle her away and stop her consuming something that was going to end us up at the vet.

I’m a bad shot. I regularly miss the trash can from 3 feet away. But that day was my 3-pointer at the buzzer moment. My friends, I bonked my dog on the head with a rock.

World’s worst dog mom. She yelped and came running toward me, scared out of her mind. She has a bruise under one eye visible through her white fur.

I will stop feeling bad about it someday.

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  1. June 18, 2018 14:33

    Oh dear. I’m sure she’s fine with it, once the bruise has gone down. I’m just as clumsy and cam imagine doing something like that.

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