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New Mexico, the Honey Badger State

April 29, 2019

“Honey badger don’t care. Honey badger don’t give a shit.”
Randall’s Animals


The road to Taos

Driving Me Crazy

New Mexico drivers really put the Mexico in New Mexico.

Those of you who have driven in Mexico know what I mean. There’s a certain shall we say loose interpretation of the driving laws and norms that govern traffic in most of the United States. I swear I have seen more right- and left-hand turns from the middle lane in the past few weeks here than I had seen in my life up to that point.

“Oh, why bother changing lanes?” they merrily think, cutting in front of someone traveling 40 miles per hour to make the turn.

People take that carefree attitude toward passing on two-lane roads as well. Why wait for a straight or non-hilly section? Just ZOOM GO GO GO!

No Pasaran

But who can blame them? Unlike other states, which considerately provide passing lanes in hilly section, in New Mexico, you can go hundreds of miles without one.


The Rio Grande

Similarly with pull-outs, which California so kindly supplies and provides signage to – a nice smooth section of the road on the right-hand side where slow vehicles can pause to let traffic go by. Instead, New Mexico has spots on the right side of the road, but they often have about a 6-inch drop-off from the roadbed to the pull-out, enough to cause an RV to crash down like a drunk elephant.

New Mexico, the Honey Badger State! They just don’t care!

Eyes on the Pennies

Well, there is someone in New Mexico who cares about the roads. Every so often there is a sign talking about highway repairs and how much they are costing taxpayers. In California, it would say something like “Highway Repairs paid for from the Gas Tax Fund. $197 million project due for completion 1/2020.”Highway.jpg


Shortly before I headed to Taos Pueblo, where Officer Romero caught me.

Here, the sign says “Highway Repairs. Cost $10,800,556.04”

Someone at the highway department cares. They care down to the nearest penny. Bless their calculating little heads. I wonder if they get upset if the final total is $10,800,556.08?

My Friend Officer Romero

Ah, don’t mind me! I’m just bitter because I got to meet Officer Romero of the Taos Pueblo Police the other day in his speed trap. Yes, I got caught in a real actual speed trap! The road goes from 35 mph to 20 to 15 in a space of about 300 yards. I was really applying my brakes hard, but he still got me.

I told some native ladies at Taos Pueblo about my experience.

“Oh yeah, he sits there all weekend and gets so many people,” they said.

So if you come to New Mexico, bring quick reflexes and a sense of humor. Also bring $30, because that’s how much the ticket Officer Romero gives you is going to cost.



Home sweet Gladis.



  1. April 30, 2019 00:01

    Hey, New Mexico doesn’t need no stinking passing lanes! That’s where I graduated high school, though on the opposite side of the state. Alamogorodo.

    • April 30, 2019 06:03

      Apparently not. I have seen enough bad behavior to make my hair turn whiter than it already is.

      • April 30, 2019 07:23

        Come on, it’s like being in the Old West!

        • May 1, 2019 06:04

          If the Old West had tour buses getting passed by people in 1995 Nissan Sentras.

  2. April 30, 2019 04:28

    When you come to Florida, we have one of those near us on 301. Or had one. They allegedly are no longer a speed trap… and the speed changes aren’t quite as drastic as they used to be. But, basically, after you enter Bradford County, do not speed until you turn off 301 to head to MY HOUSE.

  3. April 30, 2019 10:06

    Jeez, sounds like drivers here in St. Louis, MO … I’ve seen more people take a right hand exit ramp from the far left lane !! …. driving thru businesses so they don’t have to wait for the stoplight …. NO BLINKERS ….. no lights on at night or during rain/snow …. I dunno. I don’t get it.

    • May 1, 2019 06:05

      I have yet to experience that joy, but I do remember my folks complaing about driving in St. Louis when they took RV trips…Maybe I will just take the long way round.

      • May 1, 2019 06:22

        and there’s so much road construction on the “big” roads …. would make for a harrowing drive with an RV.

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