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Psychic Dogs

December 21, 2019

Murphy, left, and Zeva

I always find it amusing that I am a church lady. My younger self never would have anticipated that. Since I have been here, I found a Unity that I have attended every week, taken over the Facebook Live broadcasting duties, taken classes, been invited to a Thanksgiving party, and performed at their coffeehouse.

I also offered to dogsit in the home of a church couple over Thanksgiving, and did such a stellar job of keeping the dogs alive that I got invited back last week. The first time, there were just two dogs, Murphy and Zeva, both big dobie mixes (with natural ears, which I love so much more than the typical Dobie chop).

Since then, they took in an elderly Boston Terrier, Roxy. On the last night I was there, I knew the couple was due to arrive home about 4 a.m.

At 3:15, the dogs awoke me. Roxy and Murphy were rustling around in their kennels in the living room. I got up and let them out to pee. I know how it is being an old dog, as I am one myself.

They didn’t have to pee, and they didn’t want to go back to their kennels. They would not settle down.

Their people arrived right on schedule. That’s what they were waiting for.

Question: how do 2 dogs (Zeva kept sleeping) know their people are coming home when their people are still 45 minutes away on the highway? They KNEW.

Dogs are magic.


Roxy, the dear little thing

  1. December 22, 2019 09:25

    My neighbors have two Dobermans, and they are two of the dopiest dogs I think I’ve ever seen. They bark at leaves. They bark at WIND. One of them barks at me, but the other one just stares, and I imagine he’s trying to tell me that he’s really not as dumb as he seems; he just acts that way so his dumb brother won’t feel self-conscious. I really like them, but then I am fond of all the neighborhood non-humans.

    • December 22, 2019 17:16

      These two are lazy, except if I give one attention, then the other has to come interrupt. The Boston is pretty aloof and loves to sleep all wound up in a blanket so you can’t see her.

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