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Playing at Puzzles

September 4, 2011 a game...
Photo by Andi.vs.zf from Flickr. Used under a Creative Commons license.

For some people, the pieces snap together right away and stay snapped, perfect, snug, that little bit of the picture finished, a corner of relief in a jumbled world.

For others, the bits seem to fit but there’s something just not right and when any force pushes or pulls the puzzle, they pop apart.

Other times, it takes longer and one of the little outies gets ripped off in the process, leaving a chunk behind, filling a gap it wasn’t mean to fill and a making a piece that will never be whole again.

I have forced myself into the wrong-sized gap. I have also been the willing space, allowing myself to be filled and desperately trying to ignore the discomfort of a match that takes up too much room in some ways and leaves empty edges in others.

I have played the puzzle over and over but I’ve never completed the picture. Sometimes I say it is complete the way it is. Sometimes I think that the missing piece will never be found.

  1. September 5, 2011 13:48

    you are kind of amazing. I hope you know.

  2. September 6, 2011 07:30

    I think that some people are better at making you believe that the pieces snap together right away. It’s all about perception. I perceive Flutter to be a very smart lady, because she’s right. You are awesome.

  3. September 6, 2011 09:42

    What if there’s never really a “finished” version of the puzzle? What if the pieces are fluid and change over time? Or what if one day we wake up and realize we completed the puzzle years ago but the missing piece looked a lot different than we thought it did so even though it was in place, it was invisible to us and we didn’t notice it?

    Or maybe its still not finished after all.

    Loved this.

  4. September 8, 2011 15:39

    What a lovely post! I get what you mean, sometimes things fit together perfectly, others not so much……it’s all about time and patience! Lovely post!


  5. September 15, 2011 08:02

    Great post, Sue. I’m left wondering exactly what the missing piece is, though.

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