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Pulling back the curtain

September 4, 2011

UWM alphabet
Photo by 2fs from Flickr. Used under a Creative Commons license.

What your autofill in your browser tries to send you to when you type in the first letter reveals quite a bit about you. Mine, I think, says I’m pretty typical. I like the news, I like my friends, I speak Spanish (or try to).

a =
b =
c =
d =
e =
f =
g =
h =
i =
j =
k =
l =
m =
n =
o =
p =
q =
r =
s =
t =
u =
v =
w =
x =
y =
z =

I showed you mine. I dare you to show me yours.

  1. September 5, 2011 06:12

    I cleared my history a couple of days ago, so now at least half of the letters bring up a Gmail link. I assume that if I try this when my cache is full, it will be mostly Amazon links and pages from the Mayo Clinic on diseases I’m convinced I have (my favorite so far: pleurisy).

    • September 5, 2011 14:30

      While you’re in the Ps, look up porphyria.

  2. September 5, 2011 13:53

    I totally forgot about thebloggess!! Thanks for the reminder.

    • September 5, 2011 14:29

      I love her for so many reasons.

  3. September 7, 2011 07:52

    Way back in the way back machine, before I knew anything about feed readers I worked at a place where I had time and the freedom to look at blogs but I didn’t want to leave a bookmark trail. Every day I would go in and type each letter of the alphabet then go down all the blogs that started with that letter before moving on to the next one. Even if you didn’t post anything that day you got a quick hit from me because I checked every blog, alphabetically, ever day. Once someone cleared my history and I probably lost blogs I would otherwise still be reading today.

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