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The other side of the Gilmore Girls coin

December 22, 2014

Now we flip the coin over to come to the important question of the ages: Which Gilmore Girls character is most awesome? There is so much awesome to go around!

Candidate 1: Lorelai
Evidence: She’s a strong independent woman. Expert at witty repartee. Looks good in clothes. Seems to get a lot of work done without putting forth any visible effort. Apparently a smart businesswoman because she can afford a staff of 20 at the inn, with only 10 rooms.

Candidate 2: Rory (she doesn’t get a bolded name because everything about her is so not bold. She’ll be lucky to make italics).
Evidence: Smarty pants. Hard worker. Not an ounce of trouble to anyone. Rules follower. Trustworthy. Eventually a cute dresser.

Candidate 3: Emily
Evidence: Nobody’s fool. Will of iron. Snappy dresser. Doesn’t miss much. Makes gorgeous floral arrangements.

Candidate 4: Richard
Evidence: Gentleman. Good head for business. Sharp dresser, articulate, kind to everyone but the business partner he knifed in the back.

Candidate 5: Dean
Evidence: Hard worker. Humble. Athletic. Nice to everyone he meets. He built his girlfriend a car. Dated for 2 teenage years apparently without pressuring his girlfriend for sex.

Candidate 6: Jess
Evidence: Kinda cute. Employee of the month. Knows how to drive a forklift. Um…reaching here.

Candidate 7: Taylor
Evidence: Strong sense of civic duty. Good businessman. Um….

Candidate 8: Kirk
Evidence: He has all the jobs. Speaks forthrightly. And…what else?

Candidate 9: Sookie
Evidence: Cutie pie. Awesome chef. Good friend. Good wife and mom. Sweet as a meringue cookie.

Candidate 10: Luke
Evidence: Manly. Hard-working. Looks good in jeans (though a little too much like my brother for my perving purposes). Honest. Loves his dad. Super dependable. Handy.

Candidate 11: Michel
Evidence: Kind to his dogs. Looks good in suits. And…I’m out.

Ok, there’s 11 good solid candidates. I could reach into the second-string, slightly less awesome ranks of Miss Patty, Babette and Rory’s vaguely-drawn roommates. And I’m leaving out Paris because I couldn’t think of any good attributes.

It just goes to show you, we’re all lovely if you think about it hard enough. Or at least the characters in Stars Hollow are. Take your pick.

Ok, step up and vote. Who will take the Crown of Awesomeness?

  1. December 22, 2014 22:46

    I will have to re-watch the entire series soon because of you! My husband is a HUGE fan of GG! He’s probably already binge-watching it behind my back. My critical eye must have been misty back then because I didn’t recall any of the flaws you mentioned in the last post – they all seemed impossibly witty and I just wanted to hang out with them.

    • December 23, 2014 06:35

      I think it is binge-watching that has made me more critical than I would have been had I watched it on TV. It’s like spending too much time with people – they start to drive you crazy!

  2. cindymaddera permalink
    December 23, 2014 06:36

    Lane. She’s not on your list, but I always liked her. Also her boyfriend that she married ended up on True Blood. And I probably shouldn’t have revealed that I watched that. All of it.

    • January 5, 2015 11:27

      Lane is a fantastic choice!

      I probably choose Luke because I always choose Luke because I don’t have a brother so there’s nothing to block my perving.

  3. December 23, 2014 07:17

    I’ve never watched The Gilmore Girls. Worth buying if the series ever goes on sale?

  4. December 25, 2014 08:19

    They all have their moments (though I am hard-pressed to think of any for Rory), but I would probably give it to Luke because he fixes things and cooks. But second place to Lane for being pretty much the only normal person in Star’s Hollow and honorable mention to Babette’s husband because he was very tall but he designed everything in their kitchen to be a foot lower to accommodate Babette’s lack of height. Oh wait, I just remembered Babette’s kitten Apricot. Apricot is the most awesome.

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