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No food, no water, and probably only about $12,000 per day

November 3, 2015

Sorry about swearing on the blog yesterday. I was upset because I felt like my mom wasn’t being treated very well in the hospital. It was very crude of me.

After today, I just want to say: double fuck hospitals.

Mom was in the hospital from 3 pm yesterday to 3 pm today. In that time, she got no sleep, no water, one stale turkey sandwich complete with decomposing lettuce, a scoopful of canned mandarin oranges, and a small juice box.

This is a woman who, under normal circumstances, gets thrown off if lunch is 15 minutes late.

By the time she got home, she had started to hallucinate.

Good work, hospital. Another day and you might have actually killed her.

Forgive my mood. I know part of it is hormonal. I started crying today when I realized that disgusting, media-destroying Rupert Murdoch had bought National Geographic magazine. It’s only a matter of time before they start publishing articles about how Muslims are evil and maps of Obama’s Kenyan hometown.

I’m trying, though. I spent part of the day trying to find a decent affirmations app for my phone. Could NOT find one, though there are many out there.

Note to self: learn app development.

If you’re sick of my whinging already, go read Jenny’s post about embarrassing moments. Pure gold.

Ok, folks, that day is in the can. Goodnight.


Me at the Dia de los Muertos celebration, about 10 seconds before I honest to God broke the tree of life. What does it mean?

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