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Crying Laughing

November 4, 2015

I used to have a blog called Linkateria. I used it just to share links I liked. Now I have the same blog, but it is called “Facebook.”

Remember yesterday when I told you to go read Jenny Lawson’s embarrassing moments post? There are more today.

I was at physical therapy today, lying face down, getting ultrasound on my inflamed achilles tendons. I started reading the update and was soon shaking.

“Are you crying?” asked the physical therapy aide.

“No, laughing” I said, then read her some of the posts.

In the spirit of Jenny, let me share one of my most embarrassing moments with you.

I worked at a place where we had to either wear a turquoise t-shirt, turquoise polo, or turquoise apron. For eight years. No, I will never voluntarily wear turquoise again, thank you for asking. One day, I wore a beautiful green silk shirt and black skirt. I thought “Damn it, I am not ruining this outfit with a blue apron.” I was in my office when the owner of the company stopped by (a rarity). I opened the door and he was standing there. He gave me a long slow look up and down.

“Crap,” I thought. “He is so pissed about me not dressing in company colors.”

I fled to the darkroom, where I held my head in my hands. Looking down, I saw what he had been looking at. Somehow, my shirt had unbuttoned itself, revealing a bright purple lace bra.

He never complained about my lack of a turquoise shirt, as far as I know.

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