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It is Coming From Inside the House

November 16, 2015

When my sister Elva was here, she told me she heard something inside the walls. Something alive.

Yeah, ok, I thought.

Last night I heard it.

Something CHEWING inside the walls. Loudly chewing wood. Gnawing.

Does Abbie Lynn care? Not a chance. She slept through it.

It’s probably for the best. Goldie would have ripped through the sheetrock to get whatever it was.

The landlord says he is sending over a Rat Zapper.

What is a Rat Zapper? Do I want to know?

Until then, I’m putting my white noise app on at night, so I can pretend.

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  1. Elvie permalink
    November 17, 2015 07:38

    Told ya. Next time listen to your elders.

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