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Be That

November 17, 2015

I got all choked up in the parking lot of Costco tonight.

I was loading a case of Pellegrino water in my car and remembered how Bruce loved Costco.

He would buy extravagant quantities of stuff at Costco and then give them away, because what was he, a bachelor, going to do with a dozen apples, each the size of a grapefruit?

He bought two cases of Pellegrino one time and gave one to me. Then the next day he told me he had tried the water and “didn’t like it,” which was code for “I actually bought two cases for you because I knew you liked it.”

So I got a little teary loading a case of Pellegrino into my car because it made me remember Bruce and whisper “I miss ya, buddy,” out there in the parking lot.

That’s my inspirational poster for the day. Be the kind of person whom other people will cry over in a Costco parking lot.


Bruce, getting some kind of award at Toastmasters.

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