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A Silent River of Love

November 25, 2015

hands_8841821085_oThere are a handful of villains, and we all feel like we have to panic.

But you know what? There is so much more love than hatred, and love is winning.

A villain explodes one bomb. It’s horrible, yes. We can all agree.

But that is one act. Every good parent does 1000 loving acts before lunch each day. And most of us do good all day long. We don’t call it good because it seems normal, but love is the silent river that flows through our lives.

We greet each other. We make meals. We drive carefully. We let other people go first. We wave. We smile. We fix things. We wait patiently. We let the person cross. We put on jackets. We put socks on little feet. We put on socks again. And shoes. And leashes. Not all on the same being, hopefully.

We say “I love you,” “Drive safe,” “Hurry home,” “I missed you,” “Thank you,” “Have a great day.”

We laugh and dance and make love. We sing. We work hard. We get up even when we’re tired. We put on makeup and pretty clothes. We put on uniforms. We go to weddings. We go to sports games to cheer for people we love. We go to hospitals. We go to funerals.

We look in each other’s eyes. We stand up for each other. We hold our tongues for each other. We hug.

The villains can try to destroy. But destruction never builds. And the building never stops.

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