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Small Things With Great Love

November 13, 2015


I don’t know what to do at times like this, when terrorists have killed an incredible number of people in Paris, other than to shine a little light.

Good Things That Happened on My Trip to DC

  • Strangers rented their home to me, with all their stuff in it. What trust!
  • The world’s sweetest cashier, a guy named Charles at the Safeway on 5th and L Street, entertained me so much as I bought my groceries.
  • My friend Devra drove all the way up from Virginia to spend time with me.
  • A Metro worker walked me quite a distance to make sure I was going the right way.
  • A security guard – not a docent, a security guard – spent 15 minutes giving me the entire history of Whistler’s Peacock Room.
  • A ranger at the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial chatted with me for about 15 minutes while I waited for my bus. She was a delightful storyteller.
  • My friend Laurie drove all the way from way out in Maryland suburbs to have lunch with me.
  • The DC Center for Spiritual Living gave me a super warm welcome.
  • So did the National Press Club Toastmasters Club, who even insisted I pose at their podium with their gavel.
  • All in all, people were kind and friendly and helpful. I even walked alone through some fairly terrible neighborhoods (in daylight, thankfully) and remained unharmed. So thanks for being wonderful, DC. You’re still one of my favorite cities.

Even though the news is terrible, billions of loving acts are happening all around us every day. Never forget that.

PS Happy Birthday, Elvie!

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